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The 7 Curry is a local dish  loved by the majority of Guyanese. As the name suggests it is of East Indian heritage but is no longer found in India and has become a unique Guyanese tradition. It’s usually cooked on special occasions such as weddings and traditionally served in a freshly gathered lotus leaf. The meal features 7 different curries eaten with rice and other accompaniments such as puri and achar. And the fun part is you get to eat it with your hands. The 7 curries include pumpkin,papaya and pineapple, callaloo, onion pakora, catahar, potato/channa (chickpeas), balange (eggplant), and dahl.

The tour commences at 9 am where we will all meet for a ten minute briefing on the day. This will also include information and guidance on adhering to Covid 19 protocols.

We then go to a nearby canal to gather our lotus leaves. After that we will board the vehicle and take off to Merriman  Mall market to purchase some of the vegetables to make the 7 curries. We will meet Buddy  and his family  who has been selling water coconuts for over 50 years and enjoy  a delicious, fresh, cold, water coconut. 



We then make our way to Tony’s Favourite Puri shop where you will be able to watch a demonstration of how  puris are made. Puri is an indian type of Roti that is filled with seasoned yellow split peas mix. You will watch Tony prepare the puri ball then throw it to his son George who rolls it and then throws it to another family member who cooks it right in front of you. If you are brave enough you will be invited to try making one yourself. We will take the puris back to go with the 7 curries but as they are so delicious we will, of course, have a fresh one right there served with a filling of your choice and a local fresh fruit juice.

Then it's time to go to the secret garden to cook the 7 curries. The garden is shaded with luscious fruit trees, herbs and vegetables and is a hidden gem of a location in Georgetown.

7 curry is traditionally cooked outside so you will be taken through the process of how each curry is made and learn some of the techniques from Eon John the Singing Chef

Delicious home made fruit cordial and marsala tea is served during the course of the cooking

We then introduce you to the spices used both in the 7 curry and the marsala tea. Special attention is paid to the health giving properties of the 10 different spices used.

As soon as the curries are all cooked we will all sit down together under the tents and indigenous gazebo and enjoy. Photo opportunities abound as you are pictured making the curries and then eating them  in your own gathered lotus leaf plate in a beautiful setting.

To finish Eon John the Singing Chef will take to the stage for your own private concert of lovingly crafted Guyanese songs

Then it is fond farewells and depart at 3 pm.                           Price per person $100 inclusive

                                                                                                           For parties of 3 or more




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