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Guyana is famous for its tropical climate all year because of that most of its citizens live along the warm coast., is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the north, by Suriname (along the Courantyne River) to the east, by Brazil to the south and southwest, and by Venezuela to the west.

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  What Should I Pack for Guyana?

Take notes and consider the following suggestions:

  • Rain Gear: Guyana can often be hot and humid with heavy rainfalls along the coast and dryness in the deep savannas. Be sure to be ready for the temperatures. It is essential to carry sunscreen and water-protective gear.
  • Bug Repellant: Considering that this country is a place with a lot of nature. In some cases, there are mosquito-borne illnesses in Guyana. It is a vital key to bring bug repellent just in case.

  What permits are needed to visit Guyana?

  • Guyana Visa: When you need to get your Guyana travel visa processed quickly, Travel Document Systems is here to help. All Guyana visa requirements and application forms, plus convenient online ordering.
  • Guyana Tourist Visa for Non-US Passport Holders: When traveling to Guyana with a Non-US Passport, a Tourist Visa is required.
  • Passport: Valid for at least six months at the time of entry and until the date your trip ends.

  Main languages and religion in Guyana?

The official and principal language is English, but also Hindi and Urdu are spoken occasionally among older Indo-Guyanese that live in the city.

  About the climate of Guyana?

The climate in Guyana is based on constant high temperatures, heavy rainfall, and high humidity in some months of the year. Coastal areas have a stable annual temperature range between 26 and 28 °C (79-82 °F).

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